Email Server Settings

About Kecom e-mail security measures.

Here at Kecom we want you to be safe in your day to day e-mail tasks. That's why we have various security measures taking place on our servers.

Secure web e-mail with

To access e-mail from Internet, use the web address The site has a security certificate, so look for a padlock icon in your browser to verify that. Using this Web site all your messages are sent over a secure link and third parties cannot intercept them when using Wifi in public areas.

Reminder: You can change your password in the settings dialog, please do that from once in a while.

Security with your e-mail program

We have enabled TLS (STARTTLS) security in incoming and outgoing e-mail in our servers. This is just as strong encryption as using the secure Web site. We have configuration servers for Mozilla Thunderbird - just provide your e-mail address when creating a new account and settings will be provided automatically.

The official settings are: